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The “FIRST Exclusive Business Starter Kit” delivers YOUR ultimate marketing materials needed to start your phenomenal business with a remarkable brand image that will bring you unbelievable exposure

What's In The Kit:

  • Logo design

  • Social media kit

  • Business cards (150) design and print

  • Flyers (100) design and print

  • Brand guidelines

  • Market Research

  • Email marketing template

  • AND FREE bonuses worth over $1,000:

    • Business feature on various online platforms

    • Interview invitation to local community TV

    • SASS T-Shirt

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There's More

With this Business Starter Kit, you’re not only getting your spectacular marketing materials, but you’re also receiving dependable industry research for your business from certified databases with expert analysis, to help you make informed and research-backed business decisions. As well as $1,000 worth of FREE exposure through a variety of online platforms, including an interview invitation on a local community TV!





"I’m tired of seeing business women within the community get overlooked because of their poor brand image, they miss a share of the market because of their disappointing branding assets.

It’s time for YOU to elevate your brand and have it represent you in the same way you carry yourself daily. Fearless, Beautiful and Strong."

Why You Need This NOW?

  • You don’t have the time to conduct an effective market research
  • With all that you have to do on a daily basis, you don’t have the time or expertise to create marketing materials on your own
  • You don’t have a desire or passion to study marketing trends
  • You’re scared to choose a random designers off social media
  • Last but not least… we are KNOWN for delivering jaw-dropping and eye-catching professional designs!

“You guys are amazing, people are still talking about the designs you created for our 2 events early last year. Your designs are simple, but extremely creative. Kudos!”

Non-profit Organization


Your ULTIMATE Business Starter Kit... DELIVERED!

Does This Sound Like You?

You are frustrated, confused, overwhelmed and doubtful that your business idea is the real deal, or if it’s even worth it. You’ve tried to launch other business ideas before, but you either paid for a service you never received, or you’re scared to launch because of the current pandemic.

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One of our clients ‘Lola’ had multiple business offerings (Consulting, Author, Speaker) all with different branding and focus. She found it overwhelming and felt that it wasn’t true to who she was, she oftentimes got confused when telling potential clients how to connect with her, because she had 3 different websites. 

We rebranded Lola’s businesses and consolidated her offerings under one brand umbrella. We created a one stop option for her where all her work and offering could be displayed in a professional and eye-catching way.


Her brand was easily identifiable, both online and offline. We created her logo, social media kit, website, business cards and brochures. Now she feels confident about her brand and has since been featured in a local Magazine, invited to speak at events, and have international prospects.

“SASS is great! They listen to your needs and deliver results. Working with SASS has been great for me, they provided clarity, understood my goal and created a cohesive brand to represent me. I’m so happy with the work they do!”

Lola, Nurse Consultant

You Deserve ALL of This!

To feel confident, proud, ready, and excited to finally have all your branding assets that will set you up for a successful start in YOUR dream business.

To have authoritative insights into your industry through our dependable industry research for your business from certified databases with expert analysis, to help you make informed and research-backed business decisions, which brings clarity when creating your marketing strategy.

Here's The Break-Down of What You're Getting!

  • Your Logo design - Is a modern and professional business logo design with 3 initial concepts to choose from, plus 3D mockup with high resolution that captures your brand’s personality.

  • Your Social Media Kit - Is a collection of branded designs for your social media platforms, with your brands colors and new logo, including your profile picture and banners.

  • Your Business Cards - You’ll receive 150 printed cards on premium paper stock

  • Your Flyers - You’ll receive 100 printed flyers with a glossy finish.

  • Your On-Brand Email Marketing Template - Will be created in Mailchimp for sending out professional and on-brand emails to your audience.

  • Your Brand Guideline - Is a guide with instructions on how to communicate your brand, so that everything you do is on-brand and uniform, including your brand colors, fonts etc.

  • Your Market Research - Is a research report into your industry to provide insightful information about the current state of the market for better business decision making when creating your marketing strategy.

  • You can add-on other marketing materials to create your own custom Business Starter Kit, e.g. Marketing Plan, Website, Social Media Strategy, Business Plan, Business Consulting etc

“I’ve spoken to Marketing Agencies in the USA and here in Canada and SASS was the only one that took the time to explain the importance of first understanding my ideal client, the other agencies just wanted my money. SASS produced a market research for us that was simply amazing.”

Samson, Car Detailer

Here's More Testimonials From Past Clients!

“When I met with SASS, they asked me a few questions on style, content and had time to catch my personality. They captured all of me and delivered it on my site. SASS is very knowledgeable, timely, detailed and efficient. Truly a joy working with them.”  - Maria, Life Coach

“SASS is very credible, it’s evident that they work hard to deliver quality and professional designs. I love my brand package, everything is so beautiful and modern! I have no issues recommending them to everyone needing these services.” - Rose, Management Consultant

“I’ve paid for this very same service before with someone else, and that was over 1 year ago, I still haven’t received the products I paid for, so I was sceptical about using SASS for our branding materials. I was extremely impressed with the work they produced, they are very professional and definitely reputable. They’re currently building out our website as well and I’m using them moving forward for all my marketing needs.” - Nurse Dept, University of Alberta

“SASS created the brand assets for our church, logo, social media kit, templates and built our website, they did an awesome job, we’re truly proud of our brand and will recommend SASS to anyone” - Pastor Bogle, Church

“I was really scared to allow SASS to develop my branding materials, but I was sooo busy with other parts of establishing my business, plus working 9-5 and managing my family. I needed these items done quickly but also professionally in order to move forward. I am ever grateful to SASS, it was a great investment, my brand is on point! They’re awesome!” - Angella, Cleaner

“COVID really put a damper on what I wanted to do, but SASS is very knowledgeable and the market research they provided was the catalyst for me to move forward, it was thorough and opened my eyes to the possibilities. The brand package they delivered was EPIC! My international contacts are raving about my brand. Thank you guys, you’re the best!!!!” - Olive, Importer

Have Questions? We've Got Answers

Q. Ok, I’m ready to get started, now what?
A. Hit the purchase button and we’ll be in touch within 24hrs to gather your order information.

Q. How does payment work?
A. We make it easy. You’ll make a 50% down payment on your project to confirm your order

    and for us to begin designing. The remaining 50% is due when the project is completed.

    Our online payment system is easy and secure and we accept all major credit cards or

    debit cards.

Q. How long is this ‘Branding Special’ on for?
A. Only until the end of summer 2022, August 31st, so hurry! Buy yours now!

Q. Will I have a chance to see the logo for any revisions?
A. Absolutely! After the 3 initial logo concepts are created, you’ll get a chance to make your

     comments or make revision requests, this process is not complete until you’re happy with

     the logo you’ve chosen.

Q. What file types will I receive when my package is delivered?
A. You’ll get the original, editable vector files (usually an Adobe Illustrator file), vector EPS files

     in both CMYK and RGB (for print and web, respectively), and web preview files, like a JPG

     on PNG, so you can preview your designs on virtually any device. Plus, you’ll get the full

     legal copyright, so the design will be all yours.

Q. Do you offer 1-on-1 consultations?
A. Yes! However, that service is not included in the ‘Branding Special’ offer, to book a FREE

     30mins consultation, reserve your spot here:

Q. What other services do you provide?
A.  Visit our website for a full list of our services:

Q. Will you need anything from me?
A. Yes! Your active participation in this process will make the finished product that much more

     amazing. Bring your enthusiasm, your honest and open feedback and we’re good to go!

Q. What if I’m not completely satisfied with the delivered work, can I get a refund?
A. We take your investment very seriously, and ask that you think about the
     time and resources we spend in designing your logo and assets, we make
     every effort to ensure your logo represent your brand and speaks to your
     brand personality, through unlimited logo revisions, however; if you are
     still not satisfied with the design concept, we will refund 50% of the initial
     down payment within 48hrs, and should be reflected on your method of
     payment according to your financial institutions processing time.

Q. What if I have more questions?
A. No problem! Send us an email at and we'll be sure to

    answer anymore questions you have.

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