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How To Check Your Brand's Marketing Message, Because First Impressions Last!

The season we’re living in is very critical to the messaging we put out, whether that’s online or offline. We have to make sure that what’s being communicated is exactly what we want to communicate.

In this blog we'll be giving you the 2 most important tips and insights with our recommendation on how you can:

  1. Promote and market your brand while seeking new clients/customers

  2. Create a compelling and impactful brand message

  3. Stay updated with the latest information on how to reach your ideal customers/clients

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Every brand is unique in their journey, background, their services/products and offering, and objectives, therefore their brand messaging and the tools used to communicate that message should highlight their uniqueness and difference within the marketplace.

That being said, I’m sure you can now see the importance of having your brand’s message stand out from the clutter and noise in your industry, your customers or potential customers should be able to identify you without having to sift through the noise.

We work with our clients to identify, emphasize and showcase their unique offering to their ideal customers, which ultimately brings them the exposure they need to run a profitable business. We do this with our in-house Savvy Marketing Tools and resources.

We find that business owners often don’t realize or have defined their ‘why’, and that’s where we come in. We help them drill down to the need they are meeting with their product or service. They are always surprised about what we actually find and we use that to their benefit as part of their marketing strategy, this is the gold that we went digging for, we use it to promote, communicate and market the value our client's brand offers. Cool right!?

The Anticipated First Impression Test

So first things first. Your first impression. You have no idea who's seeing, reading or engaging with your content, (unless you're a social media analytics nerd like our colleague!) So don't assume anything!

What we mean by that is more information is better than NO information. Now, please don't use this out of context; read on so we can explain some more. For example, in your social media profile description you've listed the name of your company, check. Your role or title, check. Some of the services/products your offer; check (I hope so).

Have you noticed anything missing? Most people don't include the city! Listen, this can be a great oversight, but it leaves your POTENTIAL customers wondering "where is this business?".

We all know location, location, location is important. Well, that real estate reference applies here too.

We live in a time where people migrate, move cities and provinces or state...often. It's not uncommon anymore. So don't assume your POTENTIAL customer knows where you are located, simply because you yourself live in that particular city. Be clear! don't give simple questions the opportunity to turn a customer away.

In the majority of cases, your brand presence and message is your only chance to leave a great, impressive first impression. Once that chance is gone... It's gone!