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Our advertising and print media assets support your marketing strategy and the digital campaigns that you’re running. We drive awareness for your brand by conceptualizing and designing ad and print content like advertisements, business cards, brochures, flyers, and more. 


At SASS, our team of dedicated content and design specialists create these personalized creative assets to elevate your brand loyalty and sales. These advertising displays project a consistent messaging to effectively communicate your products and services as well as any business updates.


You're operating your business in difficult times. As a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) business owner, you NEED all help you can get. Your Business Plan is one tool that can grant you access to critical FINANCIAL resources.


We deliver next-level, in-depth, research-backed, personalized business plans specific to your business niche that's accepted by financial institutions, loan providers, grant providers, and investors. Get the FINANCIAL injection you need to start, establish, sustain, grow and scale your business with a fail-proof, professional business plan TODAY!


Our business plans include: SWOT Analysis, Market Trends, Industry Assessment, Competitor Analysis, 5 Forces Industry Analysis, Detailed Business-Specific Marketing Plan, Start-Up Expenses, 2 year Cashflow Projections, Projected Income Statement.


Refreshing your brand is often more than a logo change. In some cases, it is necessary to update your brand’s identity to improve your marketing strategy outcomes. We discuss your current brand messaging to understand your vision and objectives. We also provide the branding elements that may be missing on your website. 


To ensure that your business’s rebranding is to the point, our team of brand designers will work with you, to understand your business and to identify any competitor within your industry. We compile our findings through strategy sessions with design mockups for your new brand identity.


Social media platforms are a critical touchpoint for our client’s businesses. Our content creators weave the storyline for your branding through thought leadership provoking messages for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.


Our creative designers are familiar with the industry’s best practices when it comes to layout and style for each of these platforms.


Our web design and development uses the most advanced technologies, compatible with your business needs, is responsive to your web users, attractive, and easy to maintain. Our website layouts are based on industry standards, your brand personality, and is easy to navigate and use. 


The designs we create makes your site attractive and is aligned with your marketing strategy to boost conversion rates and grow your business. We’ve designed several responsive websites using your preferred or industry’s best technologies suitable for your brand.


We have conducted over 32 workshops for some of our happy clients and can vouch for the fact that it has helped our savvy business owners and entrepreneurs gain a profound understanding of their target audience, with clear direction on how to reach them. Imagine our team in a room with your core marketing team, volunteer students, or the designated marketing personnel for your business. We share industry insights and know-how to your marketing team so they can drive your business's marketing efforts forward without hiring an agency (like us), we show your team, the 5 W’s and H (Why, Who, What, Where, When, and How) to market your business and build your brand’s awareness and exposure in alignment with your marketing strategy.


This is an interactive training workshop that can be delivered in-person or online, it is unique to your business, as the industry research that is conducted is created specifically to provide your business with the marketing solution your brand needs.


We know about this because we’ve seen our client’s businesses nurture and prosper after the workshops we’ve facilitated. Do try out this interesting service and we bet you won’t be disappointed!


From getting your web presence readied to giving it a branding image uplift, we project the copy and tone that you want us to adopt for your business. If you have an in-house team of marketing experts that are working on acquisition and retention, it is likely that you require another team to dedicatedly focus on these specific endeavors for your company. That team can be us as we not only work on logo redesigning for your business – we do a lot more!

We will create and update your marketing strategies with consistent branding work that is cost-effective for businesses both big and small. Our team also works fast based on our expertise and experience such that your team can continue with their most important tasks while we focus on establishing and maintaining the positive image you want for your brand– online and offline.

Book a FREE, no-obligation consultation to help us understand your business exposure needs and allow us to showcase some of the relevant work that we’ve done to elevate businesses.

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